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NVQ Level 2 & 3 Installation & Commissioning of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment

The NVQ Level 2 & 3 Installation and commisioning of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment is a suitable qualification for experienced or New Entrants/Service Leavers to the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry who are employed following initial training.

  • EAL NVQ Level 2 in Engineering Maintenance & Installation for Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment or
  • EAL NVQ Level 3 in Installing & Commissioning Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment
  • Accreditation of Skills & Knowledge recognised in the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry
  • Able to obtain Industry Skill Card
  • Increased range of Air-Conditioning / Refrigeration experience and knowledge
    The programme is supported by an optional intensive course of up to 10 days as required, it's objectives include:
  • Identification of system componenets and their function
  • Development of testing and fault diagnosis skills
  • Practice in repair and re-commissioning
  • Safety and hazard awareness, electrical isolation, storage and disposal of refrigerants
  • awareness of legislation covering refrigeration systems
  • F-Gas Regulation certification (C&G)
  • Pipework & Brazing
    New Entrants to the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration industry may be guided to the EAL NVQ Level 2 in Engineering Maintenance & Installation for Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment, if this appropriate to the work and can achieve the industry Blue Skill Card. The EAL NVQ Level 3 in Installing & Commissioning Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment enable the candidate to achieve the industry Gold Skill Card and operate as a competent Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer.
    Candidates at all levels may benefit from part or all of the Modular 10 Day Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration course (e.g. F-Gas Regulations certification is to become anindustry requirement). Assessment of the NVQ takes place on-site by Crownship's experiences and qualified assessors.
    Depending on the type of work being undertaken and its variety, the NVQ can be completed in 6 months, however candidates have the flexibility to take significantly longer if they need to.
    Crownship provides dedicated NVQ support via telephone and email, should you have any queies regarding the on-site assessments. Your NVQ assessor wil induct you into the programme and guide you through it. They will help you to set up mentoring, coaching and other supporting relationships and activities in your workplace.
    To achieve the award you will demonstrate the practical application of your skills and knowledge, through competent performance of agreed work tasks and collecting a range of evidence, which shows you have done this work to the required standard. In addition your broader working and technical knowledge and understanding will be confirmed by answering set questions under test conditions.
    The Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration NVQs are based on National Industry Standards and cover:
  • Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements
  • Using and interpreting engineering data and documentation
  • Working efficiently and effectively in engineering
  • Handing over and confirming completion of maintenance or installation activities
  • Installing / Commissioning Air-Conditioning Equipment (includes fault-find and repair)
  • Installing / Commissioning Refrigeration Equipment (includes fault-find and repair)
    The EAL NVQ Levels 2 & 3 Installation and Commissioning of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment are achieved whilst employed within the industry. Where potential candidates are not working in the industry, successful completion of the Modular 10 Day Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration course incorporating the F-Gas Regulations and Pipework & Brazing) can assist candidates in securing suitable position within the industry.

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