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Green Deal Advisor Training


The Crownship Developments Ltd; Green Deal Advisor (GDA) course will qualify you to produce Energy and Performance Certificates (EPC’s) which are used to determine the eligibility of certain aspects of a property for funding under the Green Deal financing frame work.

You will also become qualified to undertake an Occupancy Assessment looking into the house hold living behaviour and fuel consumption, assessing the appliances in use and home improvement.

Together with the EPC and the Occupancy Assessment you will be qualified as a Green Deal Advisor providing you with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to generate a Green Deal Report for presentation the customer.

This qualification proves that you are competent to undertake the role of Green Deal Advisor and confirms you have demonstrated the ability to meet ‘licence to practice’ requirements.

In addition to the above qualification the Crownship GDA course will also give you the opportunity to learn how to use innovative new tablet-based software that can assist in the role of Green Deal Advisor and make the job of assessment and reporting considerably quicker and more professional.

This course is designed for:
New entrants wishing to enter the industry as a fully qualified Green Deal Advisor for Domestic properties. No previous experience is necessary.
Existing experienced personnel from the construction industry wishing to take advantage of the Green Deal opportunity by adding Green Deal Advisor to their range of services.
Qualification and Content
  • BPEC Level 3 Diploma in Green Deal Advice (QCF)
  • Conduct energy assessment in a safe effective manner
  • Prepare for Energy Assessment of Domestic Property
  • Produce and explain energy Performance certificate relating to Domestic Property
  • Undertake Energy Inspection
  • Explain the Green deal Advice report to domestic customer.
  • Prepare and issue domestic Green Deal advice Reports
  • Provide information to customers on the principles, financing and operation of the Green Deal
  • Undertake occupancy assessments and give advice.

  • Delivery Structure
    Module 1:
  • Work in a safe and effective manner
  • Complying with organisation and legal requirement
  • Maintain health, safety and securuity
  • Maintain effective working relationships
  • Conduct Energy assessment professionally
    Module 2:
  • Prepare for Energy assessment
  • Understanding of legislation and regulations
  • Agree and conform instruction
  • How to investigate matters relating to property
    Module 3:
  • Produce and issue Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Principle and operation of RDSAP approved software used to generate (EPC)
  • Generations of (EPC) using approved software
  • Process of issuing and how to lodging (EPC) on national register.
    Module 4:
  • Undertaking Energy inspections
  • Information needed to produce the data to generate EPC,s
  • Understanding the range of factors affecting EPC,s
  • Be able to identify properties for inspection.
  • Professional requirements and technical knowledge to meet current domestic energy assessments.
    Module 5:
  • Explaining the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) to the Customer
  • Understanding the components of the domestic GDAR
  • Be able to explain the components of the GDAR and their implication to the customer
  • How to prepare and present a GDAR in a professional and impartial manner
    Module 6:
  • Practical activity
  • Undertaking property visits.
  • Applying RADSAP software in a professional manner the properties visited
    Module 7:
  • Preparing and issuing domestic GDAR
  • Understanding the process of inputting data for domestic GDAR,s
  • How to assess energy efficient measures an prepare domestic GDAR,s
  • How to lodge and issue GDAR,s
  • How to provide high quality independent and impartial advice to the customers on the principle, financial and operation of Green Deal

  • Qualification Assessment
    At the end of the taught session each candidate is required to undertake a multiple choice exam.
    In addition to the exam each candidate is required to complete a portfolio of evidence. The portfolio will consist of five successful EPC and GDA Reports, two of which will have been undertaken during the course practical session and three which the candidate will undertake as home study following the five or seven day course. Candidate who choose the ten day option will complete the remaining evidence during the course
    Candidates have up to two years to complete the portfolio.
    The candidate who opted for the five or seven day course, the three remaining EPC / GDA Reports could be completed in seven days if the candidate is motivated to do so.
    Course Materials and Support
    Course Manual
    A comprehensive course manual will be supplied prior to attending the course, the manual acts as resource material for home study, within the course to support structured learning and as technical reference material for the future.
    Qualification Portfolio
    To support the qualification a combined assessment manual will be supplied to each candidate consisting of:
  • Competency assignment guidance
  • Competency assignment document templates
  • Workplace evidence guidance
  • Workplace evidence document templates
  • Unit evidence checklists.
    Tutor and Assessor Support
    Experienced hand s on tutors will guide candidates through out the learning process, giving individual support when needed.
    A professional qualification assessor will support each candidate through the assessments process.
    Course Access Options
    Crownship has designed the delivery of the qualification to accommodate all levels of experience, providing differing option for the length of in course training, blended with self study and current experience
    Option One:
    This ten day course is designed for those with no prior experience or knowledge of building energy efficiency or renewable technology and heating work. You have a logical mind and are practically orientated. Crownship provides the properties for your practical activities, enabling you to complete the portfolio with five ECD/GDA Reports and become qualified at the end of the course.
    Option Two
    This seven day course is designed for those as described in option one but are willing to complete the portfolio as a self study. It is also designed for those who are orientated to the building industry but have no experience or prior knowledge of energy efficiency or heating work and renewable technology. You may be an A/C engineer, joiner, electrician or from any other similar trades.
    Option Three
    This five day course is designed for those who have experience and prior knowledge of energy efficiency, heating work and renewable technology. You are possibly a qualified Gas Engineer, Heating engineer, MCS Installer or any other trade with knowledge of energy efficiency and heating.
    Making the right choice!
    The assessment and exam is the same for all options so candidates must determine their own ability and if in doubt by choosing the longer option this increases the amount of tuition time and increases the opportunity for a smoother assessment and qualification.
    Contact Crownship
    If you are still unsure as to the best option for you or you already hold an ECD qualification then contact Crownship for a 1:1 no obligation chat.

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