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Professional Selling (2 days)

The Professional Selling Skills training course takes the art and practice of selling to the next level and is designed to give sales people a complete in-depth selling skills programme that will sharpen selling skills and the will to win.
Professional Selling is an ideal course for:
  • those who are new to sales,
  • those in non-sales roles who need to up their revenue generation focus
  • those in sales looking to take a more consultative approach to selling.
    This two day interactive programme will give candidates a modern and consultative approach to sales, and the ability to transfer those skills back to the sales arena confident in areas such as handling objections, questioning effectively and successfully listening to identify client need. The course inspires people and generates an immediate response in productivity.
    At the end of the programme candidates will:
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the process from making the appointment to understanding the issues to closing the business
  • Be able to build value by asking better, deeper, wider questions
  • Know how to vary their proposition and sell against competition
  • Have the will to win. With the all important drive, confidence and attitude
    Course Content
    Throughout the course, practical and thought provoking interactive sessions will be used to reinforce the learning.
    Day 1
  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Developing a success attitude
  • The structure of selling
  • How to probe and develop the clients needs - Advanced questioning skills
    Day 2
  • Recap and Objectives
  • Professional sales Communication Skills
  • Reasons for buying handling Objections and Excuses
  • Positive closing and asking for the business
  • Making Effective Sales Presentations
  • Business development Planned Selling
  • Reflection & Action plans
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