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Gas Courses

To access the Gas Industry as an individual you must enrol on the GAS SAFE Register of Gas Installers and become a member of a Class of Person approved by the Health and Safety Executive in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.  In order to do this you must enter the Gas Industry under one of the following Categories:

Category 1
You are an experienced gas fitting operative either seeking GAS SAFE Certificate renewal and/or assessment and certification to extend your work range.
New Entrant Gas Industry - Category 2
You hold relevant qualifications that enable you to demonstrate competence in the generic activities associated will fossil fuelled appliances/equipment and/or pipework installations including, any of the following work activities, flueing or ventilation or the installation, maintenance or commissioning such appliances.:
Examples of appropriate qualification:
  • plumbing craft
  • pipfitters/welding craft
  • installers of piped gas other than LPG or natuaral gas
  • engineers from the domesti oil industry
  • heating and ventilation engineers
  • refrigeration engineers / fitters
  • individuals from outside the Inited Kingdom with relevant qualifications and experience
    Additionally you have or are in the process of undertaking ‘on the job’ gas installation or maintenance work experience with a GAS SAFE registered installer.
    New Entrant Gas Industry - Category 3
    You are an individual without previous experience or entering the Gas Industry for the first time.

    To attain this qualification you will require ‘off the job’ training at Crownship combined with ‘on the job’ gas installation or maintenance work experience with a GAS SAFE registered installer.
    First stop…..
    ACS Assessment or New Entrants into the Gas Industry

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    25th March

    Freelance Assessors required in plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, gas and electrical. Please email your CV and state which field of expertise you can cover.






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